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As well as chiropractic services Crossgates and Rothwell Chiropractic Clinics offers you several different rehabilitation and therapy services to help ease any pains or difficulty that you might be suffering from. Each of the three further services that we offer is headed by its own specialist within our staff.


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Sports massage is an ideal way to release unwanted stress and tension in muscles either before or after exercising. This not only helps you to feel relaxed and ready, but can help you to avoid injury.

Sports massage

Hypnotherapy can help you change your behaviour. If there is something that you want to do more, or less of, hypnotherapy can help you to form the mental bridges that you need to make it achievable.

Hypnotherapy services

Strengthening the back and "core" muscles is essential to maintain a healthy spine. Our trainers offer 1:1 back strengthening programs and individual Pilate's session.

Back Strengthening and Pilates

What other services do we offer?

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